Simple Steps to Subscribe to Any API on Zyla API Hub

Discover the easy process of subscribing to APIs on Zyla API Hub. This guide provides a general overview, using the example of the Routing Number Bank Lookup API.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Login and Verify:

- Log in to your Zyla API Hub account and ensure your email is verified.

2. Find Your Desired API:

- Navigate to the API section and select the API you want to subscribe to.

3. Choose Your Plan:

- Inside the API page, choose the plan that suits your needs. Many APIs offer a 7-day free trial (Here you will find detailed info regarding the free trial).

4. Initiate Free Trial:

- Click on "Free 7-Day Trial" or a similar option to proceed to the checkout.

5. Payment Method:

- Enter your payment details on the checkout page.

6. Start Trial:

- After adding your payment method, click "Start Trial" to confirm your subscription.

7. Confirmation:

- You'll be redirected automatically to the API page, confirming your subscription.

Now you're equipped with the knowledge to subscribe seamlessly to any API, making the most of Zyla API Hub's diverse offerings.

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