Using "Run in Postman" Button

Postman simplifies API testing, and the "Run in Postman" button enhances this experience. This guide demonstrates a swift process using the web version or the desktop application.


1. Locate the Button:

In the API documentation, find the "Run in Postman" button, typically near endpoints or API details.

2. Click for Direct Download:

Clicking the button triggers an instant download of the Postman collection, there is no need for a web page redirect.

3. Retrieve the Collection File:

The Postman collection file is automatically saved, and ready for use.

4. For Web Users:

- Visit the Postman website.

- Please make sure you are logged in.

- Navigate to "Collections" and import the downloaded file.

5. For Desktop Users:

- Open the Postman desktop app.

- Click "Import" and choose "Import File" to select the downloaded collection.

6. Explore Endpoints:

Once imported, explore and test various endpoints seamlessly.

The "Run in Postman" button offers a quick path for API testing. Follow these steps, whether using the web version or the desktop app. Always ensure you're subscribed to the API for this streamlined integration.

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